AFCA - American Fair Credit Association

What is AFCA?

The American Fair Credit Association (AFCA) strongly believes that the credit education needs of our thousands of members and Americans in general are enormously under-served. Our company offers this site as a reference to the best consumer education, credit education resources and personal financial tools that the world wide web has to offer.

Exclusive AFCA Member Benefits

Existing AFCA members have unlimited access to exceptional savings and deals on the services and products you buy each and everyday through our exclusive member benefits and rewards program. Find out how you can become an exclusive member and use your AFCA membership to start saving today!

*What AFCA is not…

AFCA does not provide; debt consolidation or negotiation services, credit and debt counseling, credit advice, debt relief or credit repair and AFCA does not make express or indirect offers of credit or assistance to obtain credit from any other entity and we have no affiliations with anyone who does. Our company's current program focuses on saving members money and giving our exclusive members the resources to learn how to manage their finances responsibly.